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York British Academy registered office in England and Wales. In the United Kingdom, its main objective is to provide training and advisory services and strategic solutions for postgraduate studies in higher education, cultural education, educational support services. It has agents, representatives and partnerships in the EU and East Asia in doing so, it seeks to provide its services in the regional and international environment. Nowadays the majority of people do business and companies learn the importance of internal training Any training in companies to improve the performance of employees and reach strategic goals.

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Frequently Asked Question

A: Organizations that wish to obtain examination vouchers for their own staff or who are commercially licensed and comply with trademark use guidelines can purchase retail vouchers.

Please contact customer-support  for further information.

A: Classroom live (on-site) and virtual classrooms are considered the same type of instructor-led training with real-time interaction between the instructor and learners. It can easily be added at no cost to your conformance declaration. Please contact Customer-support to do so.

A: It is possible to deliver non-accredited courses however, your organization will not be able to use any of The  York British Academy trademarks in the course name (e.g. TOGAF® course is not allowed; Enterprise Architecture Training based on the TOGAF® framework would be allowed). Affiliation may also be a solution.

Accredited Training Course providers with an affiliation relationship are listed on The  York British Academy registers. Please email us for further information.

A: A Commercial license is necessary to be allowed to deliver training courses based on the Open Group trademarks. Please consult the About-Us page